The Six Skills of Confronting People

It is not easy to confront people. There are risks involved. We can lose favor with that person. Our reputation can be damaged. In some cases, there are can negative consequences such as losing our…


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Stop Copying What You Read

It’s okay to write about similar topics though

It happens all the time.

You read something on Medium. It gives you some inspiration. Then you decide to write about the same topic. Except, you write the same thing as you just read.

It’s okay for this to happen once or twice. But you can’t keep it up for the long haul. Want to know why? Because it makes your content dull. It’s just regurgitating someone else’s thoughts.

We see it all the time. I have done it from time to time. Yet, we don’t stop. It is easy to read three articles on using your calendar for productivity. But we need to come up with a unique viewpoint.

Otherwise, it isn’t overly helpful.

It’s not hard to come up with a unique perspective. So, I thought I’d give you a few steps to break free from this writer’s mistake.

When you are starting, it’s okay to share similar content. But, it has a shelf life. After a while, people will get tired of it and abandon those topics altogether.

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