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Questioning The Stability of Globalization

Time and time again, history repeats itself.

With the looming aftershocks of Brexit still spreading across the European region, and with the general sense of economic precariousness in the region, the question of a united political and monetary union arise once again. Not to mention there’s a few cultural crises leading to the degeneration of even the steadfast traditions of first world nations.

This time, it is coupled with a post-modern sense of political instability with the recent developments concerning the Trump presidency’s investigation and the allegations surrounding Russian-related interference with American democracy.

But as it turns out, this is instability that may not actually be new or surprising.

As the interconnectivity of the world is boosted through technological and communicative advents, the expansion of the service sector and globalization of societies and cultures are becoming more and more salient phenomena in contemporary sociological perspectives.

This trend of globalization has significant implications for the European region; the inability of the Europe to integrate its economic spheres smoothly as well as its variety of societies represents an issue. The key subject of investigation will cover is how the integration of a multitude of economies and societies in Europe through the creation of the European Union led to greater political tensions during the 1990s that were ultimately more detrimental than beneficial in their consequences.

Further, this wider problem can be broken down into a subgrouping of factors which all produce an emergent effect when combined in their contribution. These factors are diverse and multifaceted, they include:

(1) the efforts of the European Union’s shoddily and inappropriately constructed globalization initiatives — which often did not account for cultural or economic distinctness among all member nations

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