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When I met Myself

This article was most uncomfortable for me to publish. I am a private person and prefer not to talk about what’s going on in my life and this makes writing this article more of a tough decision for me. On the other hand, not sharing this experience with the world and people I care about, would be an injustice and hence here I am, sharing a piece of me.

Have you ever lost someone? Sadly, I believe the answer to this question would be yes for most of us but this is not the actual question. The question is, “have you ever lost someone but hope that they may come back?”. There is a difference between the two. Former, talks about we losing someone and know for sure they are gone and hence have to accept the fact and convince ourselves to move on. Latter, is tricky, in this you know the person exists and you survive in the hope that they may come back. So, let me repeat my question, have you ever lost someone whom you believe can come back? As me and I would say, “I have” but the story doesn’t end here, the story begins from here.

When I was going through the initial phase, I was unsure how to tackle this because apart from negativity there was nothing else. The most common thoughts that may cross anybody’s mind, crossed mine as well:

Discuss with someone and see if I would feel light-hearted?

No. This would need a deep engagement not one random discussion would help.

Heard smoking helps in this scenario. Try one?


Catch a drink?


Go quiet?

May be


May be

Curse God/Destiny? Yes, that’s the best.

Not happening


This is what interested me the most but where should I divert my attention? This is where I met myself when I explored myself in solitude, in hours where I can talk to myself and only I could answer. I picked up 2 things and I am glad I did.

1. Working out [don’t imagine a movie scene where I am pumping iron in rage]

2. Starting to write

Working out: I am someone who has never been to a fitness class before. The idea of hitting a gym with so many people around was unsettling for me. I went for it and after so many months gone by, I am glad I took the decision. I not only got a good diversion but did something which I never did before.

Writing: If you asked me, “what do I used to write?”, the answer would have been, “I write emails”. This is where my writing skills were confined to. I am not sure from where the energy came in me to pick up a pen [I mean pick up a keyboard]. Let take a pause here and thank all those who directly or indirectly motivated me to write, through likes, comments, personal messages or by just taking a look at the article. Thank you everyone and now I am at such a point that I just don’t want to stop and continue writing these little nuggets of my experiences both in personal and professional life.

Coming to the point,

It was not easy for me, not at all but if someone like me can survive then I am sure all of you out there are much stronger. Don’t give in, keep on trying, if you need a diversion find a positive one and last but not the least, keep your hopes alive.

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