The Israel Securities Authority or ISA Upgrades Cybersecurity with the Use of Blockchain Technology

The ISA or Israel Securities Authority quietly integrated the technology of blockchain within its internal systems, in order to securely deliver messages and information to regulated entities which…


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There are so many things I still want. Sometimes I wonder if my goals are ridiculous. If I’m reaching too far, overlooking what I’ve already gotten, making small of the miracles before me. I overhear someone yelling on the telephone — at least I’ve got sanity, peace of mind. Shouldn’t that be enough?

I stand before the fresh day, before the tender morning hours, here typing. Trying to flush out before the day gets away from me. So many things to do, so many plans to move forward, so much to accomplish.. always. But it’s in these quite moments that I build the necessary faith, courage, commitment to carry out.

Quite time with God, and with my vulnerability. Making space for the good I’m seeking to find me.

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