Seven deadly sins as anime characters

I rode in the subway and without having much to do — while the train passed from station to station and crowds of strangers kept entering and leaving — I thought about biblical sins, their deep roots…


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NFT Atlanta

NFT expo in a great city with showcases a great opportunity

The event was focused on many separate aspects of NFTs and how NFTs are changing the way the world can work today. There were panels that spoke on the same talking points of most NFT introductory exhibitions- ownership, governance, DAOs, and new ways for artists to grow and build their brands. The main focus was on how those artists and brands can use NFTs to create buzz and build on their brand. Most of the speakers spoke on how NFTs can be created and how they will eventually change the way things are done in all aspects of commercialism.

Keith Dorsey, Young Guns CEO and The Collab Crib owner spoke on ownership and how web2 can be the bridge to web3. The speaker spoke on the power of NFT for artists in the visual and musical markets mostly and spoke on how those artists could use NFT to better their sales and create more connections with their fanbase.

The venue was beautiful but not as packed as one would have hoped it would be.

NFT, Crypto, DeFi, FinTech, and more are still very new to many people. Atlanta has always been known as an artist's mecca with multiple singers, actors, and artists stationed here. There are some that may even call Atlanta the “New Hollywood” others call it the “New Silicon Valley” with companies like Google and Microsoft setting up offices in this city. Whatever nickname you want to give Atlanta there is no question that the city is moving quickly and there is so much potential for growth.

When it comes to crypto and web3 the education and knowledge are not quite there. There is indeed a certain sector of the city that knows it, understands it, and is excited about it but not as much as other cities. Miami has a larger fanbase and group of people interested and capable of understanding the ins and outs of web3. That being said those that were in the know were indeed some very big names in Atlanta. There was Chris Webber NBA All-Star, rapper Fivio Foreign, Mike Johns Founder of Digital Mind State, 2X NBA All-Star Baron Davis, Ryan Vartoogin Founder of NYC Blockchain, Major Dream Williams CEO & Founder of Art Mob POD, and many more. Major Williams is actually attached to NFT the movie and will be a part of that project as well.

Andre Dickens the mayor of Atlanta was there in full support of NFTs and opportunity for y young African Americans.

To state there is opportunity in Atlanta is an understatement. Atlanta is full of many different avenues for growth and those that are able to use their gifts can surely find a way to thrive in Atlanta. Though the turnout may not have been as amazing as other events there is no doubt that future events will definitely have more of a turnout and possibly even be sold out. The hunger for what NFT and web3 can bring to society is there and Atlanta has always been a place that moves with the times and innovates, next year's event should be amazing and I for one am excited or the future of NFT and what Atlanta has to offer.

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