Are You Willing To Give It All?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is, without a doubt, the most famous bodybuilder of all time. But he is not, without a doubt, the best of all time. That distinction, in many weight lifting circles, goes to…


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Seven deadly sins as anime characters

I rode in the subway and without having much to do — while the train passed from station to station and crowds of strangers kept entering and leaving — I thought about biblical sins, their deep roots in human psychology and so on. Also, I thought about marketing. So eventually it occurred to me that I could find a time window between the assignments and compose a mini-essay about the marketing application of seven deadly sins. It turned out to be a bit more complex than I initially thought, and — while I thought through various points and examples — I’d noticed that the very list had a tendency to slip from my memory. It was no good because the necessity of constantly recovering this list in my mind distracted me from those ideas related to the connection between sins and marketing I examined.

So I started ruminating about various technics of memorizing stuff I learned before and decided to invent something original that would solidify this list of seven deadly sins in my memory as a single picture. I pondered several ideas, and one struck me as the best suited for the task. So, I pictured this list as a bunch of kids, each of them embodying one particular human flaw. I split them into three groups, according to my perception of who was likely to hang out with whom based on their key personality traits. (Defined by, well, deadly sins XD) The first group included cool kids and consisted of two boys and two girls, representing respectively: pride, wrath, envy, and lust. The pride-guy in my imagination became an epitome of anime-style school-president-kendo-captain kind of character with long acid-raspberry-red hair, business-style suit, a shirt with an open collar and no tie, no-bullshit expression in his eyes, something like that. A combination of reserved dignity and sex appeal. Probably carrying a katana on his hip as well, hell, why not. Thinking of Wrath, I immediately saw a stereotypical image of the “hair-trigger” guy with muscles and tattoos, wearing a kind of t-shirt, allowing to take a good look at all those muscles and tattoos. Ruffled hair, angry and petulant facial expression. Stuff like that. Wearing brass knuckles probably or steel rings, all that stuff. Ok, moving on, the concept of envy popped up in my head in the form of a blonde slightly bitchy girl, hell-bent on being as cool as possible. She follows all fashion trends, therefore her appearance is immaculately glitzy to the point of being intimidating. Probably she is wearing glasses, which gives her the air of intellectual superiority. Ok, Lust is the simple one: It’s a kind of succubus with forms and curves and like, various attributes, suntan, revealing clothes, and that special expression in her eyes, triggering jitters and boners. Ok, that’s the cool kids’ group.

Another group consists of pretty lame personalities, like, a fat girl, a sleepy girl, and a depressed girl. Representing respectively Gluttony, Sloth, and Ennui. Technically, those personality traits are so close and somewhat linked together that they could be embodied by a single person: fat, lazy, and depressed. But anyway. So they hang out together, watch tv, eat junk food, and endlessly bitch about life, and how shitty, depressing and unfair it is, and how people are shit and stuff. Things like that. In any case, it’s easier to picture them as a group.

Ok, the last item, Greed, is represented by a group, consisting of one person. It’s a shopaholic, discount-chasing girl. She’s extravagant, tumultuous, a bit rowdy, constantly anxious to get better deals. She always can be found among shopping aisles with her cart filled with discounted extra-size items. Probably, she’s a bit crazy in some way.

Ok, that sums it up. Now I have a mental picture I can refer to.

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