When I met Myself

This article was most uncomfortable for me to publish. I am a private person and prefer not to talk about what’s going on in my life and this makes writing this article more of a tough decision for…


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The Israel Securities Authority or ISA Upgrades Cybersecurity with the Use of Blockchain Technology

The ISA or Israel Securities Authority quietly integrated the technology of blockchain within its internal systems, in order to securely deliver messages and information to regulated entities which are under its purview.

The director of the Information Systems Department of ISA, named Natan Hershkovitz, stated that implementing blockchain technology in the information systems of ISA actually makes it one of the leading global authorities in securing the information which is provided to the public and its credibility, and one of the leaders in the public sector of Israel.

Besides that it is shoring up its security framework for messaging, the ISA also looks forward to implementing the decentralized technology in an online voting system which enables shareholders of listed companies on the exchange to vote online, without the need to actually be present in shareholder meetings.

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